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Enforcement Initiatives and Operations

TABC’s Enforcement team is dedicated to protecting the public from danger and making the state a safer place for all Texans.  Our agents are commissioned peace officers who take part in several initiatives and operations ranging from inspecting businesses for public safety violations to assisting Texans during a disaster.

Business Inspections

TABC’s law enforcement efforts focus on high-risk locations, meaning we more frequently inspect TABC-licensed or permitted businesses that have a recent history of public safety violations. Businesses with a history of violations go on the agency’s Priority List. Types of violations include: 

  • Serving anyone under 21. 
  • Overserving alcohol. 
  • Selling alcohol during prohibited hours. 
  • Illegal drug activity. 
  • Breaches of the peace, such as fighting. 
  • Suspected human trafficking. 

Minor Sales Investigations

Minor sales investigations involve minors (18 or younger) who enter random retail businesses undercover to identify whether the business is selling alcohol to minors. These operations are a valuable tool in addressing underage drinking. 

If you’re a minor or a parent of a minor interested in volunteering, contact the Enforcement team at your local regional office to learn more.

Special Events

TABC’s Enforcement agents also monitor special events where alcohol is served or sold. These include music festivals, fairs, sports events, large-scale celebrations and more.

Disaster Help

Agents assist local communities during times of disaster. TABC is proud to support Texas communities by responding to natural or man-made disasters such as hurricanes, flooding or wildfires. To learn more about TABC’s efforts to protect Texans during times of emergency, visit our YouTube page.

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