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Alcohol Education Resources

TABC offers a wide range of educational resources for:

  • Teachers
  • Law enforcement
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community groups

These resources can be downloaded for free on TABC’s underage drinking prevention website.

Videos by Topic

Alcohol Delivery and Pickup

If you’re 21 or older in Texas, you can purchase alcohol for delivery and pickup, also known as alcohol-to-go. Learn how alcohol-to-go works in Texas, how to purchase it safely and legally, and what can happen when you break state alcohol laws.

Social Hosting

When an adult who is not a guardian or spouse provides alcohol to a minor, they could face fees, jail time and lawsuits. Learn the basics of social hosting laws in Texas.

TABC's YouTube Channel

Watch more PSAs and educational videos from TABC at our YouTube channel.

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