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Dec 5, 2019

New Permits Make Way for Alcohol Delivery Through Popular Apps

AUSTIN – Texans will soon have another option to order drinks for their holiday get-togethers. A new permit will let delivery drivers bring alcohol orders directly to a customer's door.

The new Consumer Delivery (CD) Permit will allow third-party companies — which could include services such as Favor and Instacart — to begin making alcohol deliveries. These third-party companies will pick up the alcohol from businesses licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission such as bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

"The Consumer Delivery Permit is an important step forward for Texas consumers, as well as alcohol retailers," TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles said. "For years, Texans across the state have relied on third-party services to deliver everything from clothing to vehicles. Now, at long last, alcohol can be delivered as well."

The TABC is now accepting applications for the new permit. The agency expects to issue the first permits to eligible applicants during the third week of December.


The CD permit was created by Senate Bill 1450, which was approved by the 86th Texas Legislature in May and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott shortly afterward. Since May, TABC has worked closely with alcoholic beverage industry stakeholders and delivery services to determine issues such as fees and training requirements for the new permit.

Current holders of certain TABC permits may already deliver alcohol to customers alongside orders of food. This includes restaurants and bars that hold Mixed Beverage Permits with Food and Beverage Certificates. The new CD permits extend the ability to deliver alcohol to third-party companies.

Applications for the new Consumer Delivery Permit are available for download.

Media Contact:Chris Porter Public Information Officer (512) 206-3462