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Oct 6, 2021

TABC Earns Outstanding Agency Award from Southeast Texas MADD Chapter, TxDOT

AUSTIN – The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s Target Responsibility for Alcohol-Connected Emergencies (TRACE) unit was honored with the Outstanding Agency Award from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Southeast Texas chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The award recognizes organizations that have helped investigate and prevent drunken driving accidents. TABC’s TRACE unit is responsible for investigating businesses suspected of selling or serving alcohol to people accused of being involved in alcohol-related incidents, such as assault or drunken driving fatalities. Businesses found to have violated the state’s alcohol laws could be required to suspend alcohol sales or pay a fine. Since the TRACE unit was established in January 2021, it has investigated more than 1,200 suspected incidents, leading to more than 200 active investigations. Of those, 55 have resulted in TABC taking administrative action against a business. More than three-quarters of TRACE investigations involve suspected DWIs, TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles said. “There’s no question that drunken driving is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to the retail sale of alcohol,” Nettles said. “Thanks to the education efforts of our partners at MADD and TxDOT, as well as the work of the TRACE unit, I’m proud to say that the vast majority of businesses are doing their part to prevent future tragedies.” MADD’s mission to end drunken or impaired driving accidents has resulted in numerous successful partnerships across Texas, including a longstanding relationship with TABC. “We could not further our mission of ‘No More Victims’ without these partnerships and collaborations with all of our law enforcement agencies. Through MADD’s ‘Take the Wheel’ initiative, it is an honor to recognize those officers who put their life on the line every day to keep our roads safe,” said Debra Marable, MADD Texas state program director. “MADD supports our law enforcement heroes and everything they do to help us eliminate drunk and impaired driving.” TABC is Texas’ sole alcohol regulatory agency with oversight over the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcohol across the state. TABC agents are commissioned peace officers responsible for upholding public safety and ensuring a safe and law-abiding alcoholic beverage industry. To learn more about TABC’s efforts to reduce alcohol-related injuries or fatalities, visit  

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Sept 30, 2021

INDUSTRY NOTICE: September and October 2021 License Expiration Dates

Businesses should continue onboarding into the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) and filing renewals. Several updates to AIMS will be in effect on Oct. 4, which will improve your user experience.

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Sept 30, 2021

Important: TABC Public Inquiry Data Updates 

Data in TABC's Public Inquiry System has been updated to reflect license consolidation and new technology. Some businesses have reported discrepancies in the data and license status listed in the system. TABC is working to resolve these issues.  If there appears to be a discrepancy with a license status that may affect a wholesale/distribution or Local Distributor (LP) transaction, the business delivering the product can:  Accept from retail businesses proof of payment for their renewal and copy of their virtual summary screen from TABC's application system confirming that the retailer submitted a renewal application.  Accept from a retail business a copy of the renewed license or permit for that business (license that is not expired). Contact TABC’s Licensing division to verify the license status:  Email  Call 512-206-3360  If the business has a September 2021 expiration date, read the note below.  September and October Renewal Dates  To accommodate the transition to AIMS, all licenses and permits with September or October 2021 expiration dates are considered active and pending renewal by the agency until Oct. 31, 2021, even if the status field indicates otherwise in the TABC Public Inquiry System. This means that businesses with September or October 2021 expiration dates may continue to operate as normal and still accept wholesale/distribution or Local Distributor (LP) transactions, despite having an expired license date or status in Public Inquiry. Note for Local Governments and Others Verifying License Status While the TABC Public Inquiry System undergoes updates, you may use the same steps outlined above to verify a license or permit for any TABC-licensed business.   Originally published Sept. 2, 2021 Updated Sept. 30, 2021

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Sept 30, 2021

TABC To Host Roundtable With DFW-Area Industry and Elected Leaders

AUSTIN – Local members of the alcoholic beverage industry and Texas Legislature will join leaders from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at a roundtable discussion Oct. 6 in Grand Prairie. The roundtable begins at 1:30 p.m. at the Grand Prairie Police Station’s Public Safety Building Community Room, 1525 Arkansas Lane. The event is an opportunity for TABC to engage with industry members and elected leaders on the topics affecting more than 57,000 businesses regulated by the agency. Those topics include new statutes affecting legal hours of alcohol sales, revised licensing fees, consolidation of alcohol permits and the recent launch of TABC’s new Alcohol Industry Management System. “TABC relies on feedback from our elected leaders and the businesses we serve to successfully carry out our mission,” said TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles. “The goal of these roundtables is to foster those important partnerships while identifying ways we can better serve our industry and the people of Texas.” As the state’s sole alcohol regulator, TABC is charged with helping people obtain the necessary licenses or permits to do business while ensuring industry members comply with the laws put in place by the Texas Legislature. For more information about recent changes at TABC and within the alcoholic beverage industry, visit MEDIA MEMBERS: For information about interview availability at the roundtable, contact Chris Porter at (512) 206-3462 or email

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Sept 13, 2021

Industry Notice for Businesses in Path of Tropical Storm Nicholas

As Tropical Storm Nicholas heads toward Texas and Louisiana, TABC urges you to heed all warnings from your public safety officials. If your business has any issues related to the storm, TABC stands ready to help. Visit TABC’s Disaster Assistance page to learn about the ways TABC can help businesses in disaster situations. Each assistance item indicates the disaster to which it applies. If you’d like to take advantage of a particular assistance item but it’s not yet available for your disaster situation, let TABC know.   For more help and information, contact a local TABC office or TABC's Austin headquarters at (512) 206-3333.

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