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Sept 30, 2021

INDUSTRY NOTICE: September and October 2021 License Expiration Dates

To: Holders of Licenses That Expire in September or October of 2021 and Those That Do Business With Them

Re: September and October 2021 Expiration Dates

Updates to AIMS

Businesses should continue onboarding into the new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) and filing renewals. Several updates to AIMS will be in effect on Oct. 4, which will improve your user experience.

Late Renewal Fees

In accordance with the temporary rule adopted by TABC, the agency shall not charge a late filing fee for a renewal of a license or permit with an expiration date in September or October 2021, so long as the renewal application is received within 30 days following the expiration date.

Renewal Period

We realize many permittees with September and October 2021 renewal dates are still working diligently to onboard into AIMS, and we too are working to help all businesses meet their renewal deadlines. With this in mind, TABC will not require new original applications for any of these businesses who could not renew by the 30th day following the expiration date but are in the new AIMS system or have reached out to us to try to claim their business.

Operations and Deliveries

To accommodate the transition to AIMS, all licenses and permits with September or October 2021 expiration dates are considered active and pending renewal by the agency until Oct. 31, 2021, even if the status field indicates otherwise in the TABC Public Inquiry System. This means that businesses with September or October 2021 expiration dates may continue to operate as normal and still accept wholesale/distribution or Local Distributor (LP) transactions, despite having an expired license date or status in Public Inquiry.

If you have any issues accessing AIMS, email and provide your expiration date, details of any issues you are experiencing, and screenshots of those issues, if possible. Include "AIMS Question" in the subject line of your email.