Private Carrier's Permit (O)



The Private Carrier's Permit (O) is a subordinate to your primary permit and will be printed on the face of the Wholesaler's Permit (W).

The holder of a Private Carrier's Permit (O) may

  • transport liquor from the place of purchase to the wholesaler's place of business and from the place of sale or distribution to the purchaser in a vehicle owned or leased in good faith by the holder or in a vehicle owned or leased by the holder of an agents permit if the transportation is for a lawful purpose.
  • Each vehicle covered by the private carrier permit shall have painted or printed or attached in a conspicuous place on such vehicle the TABC Private Carrier's Permit No. in lettering not less than 1 ½ inches in height. Such letters shall never be covered from public view when the vehicle is being used in the alcohol beverage business.

You may not transport liquor in any vehicles that are not fully described in your application for a private carriers permit.

IMPORTANT: The holder of a private carrier permit may transport liquor from one wet area to another wet area across a dry area if that course of transportation is necessary or convenient.




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