The holder of a Wholesalers Permit (W) is authorized to purchase,

Distilled Spirits (including miniatures) may only be purchased from the holders of a:

  • Distillers and Rectifiers Permit (D)
  • Non-Resident Sellers Permit (S)

Wine may only be purchased from holders of a:

  • Non-Resident Sellers Permit (S)
  • Winery Permit (G)
  • Wine Bottlers Permit (Z)
  • Wholesaler's Permit (W)
  • General Class B Wholesaler's Permit (X)
  • Local Class B Wholesaler's Permit (LX)

Ale and malt liquor may be purchased from a

  • Wholesaler (W)
  • General Class B Wholesaler (X)
  • Local Class B Wholesaler (LX)
  • Brewer (B)
  • Wine & Beer Retailer(BG) with a Brewpub (BP) that only sells Brewpub made products