Excise Tax Reporting


Each holder of a Wholesaler's Permit (W) shall make a monthly report of all distilled spirits and wine received and disposed of to the commission on forms prescribed by the administrator:


  • Reports shall be filed by the 15th day of each month for the preceding calendar month's activities.
  • Reports are required to be filed even if no business was conducted.
  • If the reports are filed and taxes paid on or before the 15th of the month following the calendar month for which the reports are filed, a 2% discount may be deducted from the gross taxes due.
  • Invoices and supporting documentation for receipts, exemptions, and sales reflecting dates, class of alcohol, packaging and prices must be maintained to support the reported gallonage.
  • Taxation is based on the gallonage depleted from the inventory on a monthly basis.
  • Prepare the report in duplicate, submit one with your taxes due to the state to the TABC Tax Division and retain one copy for your files with the supporting documentation.


NOTE: You must retain the copy of your report and documentation for a period of four years.