Allowable Dealings with Retailers



The holder of a wholesaler's permit (W) may

  • Pre-arrange and pre-announce a promotional activity only for distilled spirits and/or wine to be held on the licensed premise of a retailer. These arrangements may be made with the retailer.
  • Pre-announce a promotion involving distilled spirits and/or wine to a consumer, or pre-announce the purchase of wine or distilled spirits to a consumer at a retailers premise.
  • Meeting rooms may be furnished to retailers for the purpose of product promotions. However, you shall not furnish anything to the retailer except samples of the wholesaler's product or food provided as a courtesy accompaniment to such samples.
  • The wholesaler is authorized to service and repair items you furnish to the retailer.
  • Advertising specialties with the purpose of advertising or promoting a specific product may be furnished to retailers.
  • The total cost of all advertising specialties furnished to a retailer shall not exceed $101.00 per brand per calendar year.
  • Dollar limitations may not be pooled to provide a retailer with advertising specialties in excess of the maximum dollar amount (i.e. Six Brands @ maximum of $101 per brand totals $606).