Inducements and Retailer Independence continued



Furnishing food and beverages, entertainment or recreation to retailers or their agents or employees except under the following conditions:

  • The value of food, beverages, entertainment and recreation shall not exceed $500.00 per person on any one occasion; and
  • Food, beverages, entertainment or recreation provided may only be consumed or enjoyed in the immediate presence of both the providing upper tier member and the receiving retail tier member; and
  • In the course of providing food, beverages, entertainment or recreation under this rule, upper tier members may only provide ground transportation.
  • Food, beverages, recreation and entertainment may also be provided during attendance at a convention, conference, or similar event so long as the primary purpose for the attendance of the retailer at such event is not to receive benefits under this rule.
  • Each upper tier member shall keep complete and accurate records of all expenses incurred for retailer entertainment for two years
  • Furnishing of service trailers with equipment to a retailer; or
  • Furnishing transportation or other things of value to organized groups of retailers.
  • Members of the manufacturing and distribution tiers may advertise in convention programs, sponsor functions or meetings and participated in meetings and conventions of trade associations of general membership





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