The Permit continued




No package store permittee, except for permits wholly owned by the same persons, may engage in the following:

  1. cooperatively setting prices or credit policies or allowing any third party to do so on their behalf
  2. share advertising costs
  3. utilize the same trade name, trademark, or slogan as another package store in the same county
  4. share or utilize the same bookkeeping or computer-processing service, unless the bookkeeping or computer-processing service is in the business of providing such services to the general public
  5. transfer funds, merchandise, or equipment from one package store business to another
  6. utilize the same person as an employee or independent contractor for two or more package store businesses in any capacity unless, in the case of an independent contractor, the independent contractor is in the business of providing similar services to the general public
  7. negotiate, or allow a third party to negotiate, quantity discounts for alcoholic beverages to be purchased by the package store business