TABC issues identification stamps free of charge to local distributors for utilization in making sales to mixed beverage and private club registration permittees.

  • All distilled spirits sold by a local distributor's permit to a mixed beverage or private club, must have a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission identification stamp affixed to the bottle.
  • Stamps must be affixed near the top of the brand label in such a manner that some portion of the identification stamp covers and is attached to some part of the brand label, but does not cover any information on the brand labe

All Local Distributor permit holders can now place online orders through a third-party online ordering system for identification stamps external link. All orders are individually reviewed by the Commission for compliance before approval and shipping.


For initial logon instructions, please contact or (512) 206-3341. An instructional manual (PDF) can be downloaded from our website.


Brand Label - means the principal display panel that is most likely to be displayed, presented, shown, or examined under normal and customary conditions of display for retail sale.