- Membership Records


Application Requirements

All applicants should complete an application which shall include the following information:

Applicant's complete name,Applicant's complete address inclusive of zip code,

Date of application,

  • Signature of applicant

Preliminary Application or Non-Preliminary Application

  • Preliminary Application: Membership committee must meet within 7 days and consider application for membership. [Code §32.03(d)]
  • Non-Preliminary Application: No time limitation in which to consider the application, as the prospective member is denied service of alcoholic beverages until approved by the committee.

If an approved machine membership bookkeeping system is utilized to process/verify preliminary applications, the permittee must obtain written consent from the prospective member when accessing electronically readable license/identification information and proof of such consent must be maintained in chronological order with the permittee's membership records. [Rule §41.52(g)]

All applications for membership, regardless of whether approved or rejected, should be retained in chronological order by date.