Requirement for Records -


Definition of "Guest"

The word "guest" shall mean an individual:

  • Who is personally known by the member or one of the member's family
  • Is admitted to the club premises by personal introduction of, or in the physical company of, the member or one of the member's family [Rule §41.52(d)(3)]

Guests shall be limited to those who accompany a member or temporary member onto the premises or for whom a member (other than a temporary member) has made prior arrangements with the management of the club [Code §32.10(a)]


Service Charge Billed to Member [Code §32.10(b)]

  • No guest shall be permitted to pay, by cash or otherwise, for any service of alcoholic beverages
  • Any charge for a service rendered to a guest must be billed by the club to the member ortemporary member sponsoring the guest
  • Club shall bill member for service of guests in the club's regular billing cycle