All alcoholic beverages on your premises must be covered by invoice and these invoices must remain on your premises for a period of four (4) years.

  • These invoices are subject to inspection by authorized representatives of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, or any peace officer.
  • Invoices must be signed by the retailer upon delivery of the product.

Distilled spirits on your premises must have an identification stamp affixed on each container.

  • Any distilled spirits not bearing an identification stamp are in violation of the law and subject to seizure.
  • Immediately after emptying a distilled spirit container the identification stamp must be mutilated (serial number scratched). A distilled spirit container may not be refilled with any substance.

You may NOT permit anyone to bring alcoholic beverages onto your premises. Only those alcoholic beverages invoiced to you can be brought into the premises. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted to leave your premises.

  • The remaining portion of an open bottle of wine ordered with food is allowed to be removed from the premises by the purchaser
  • An open alcoholic beverage served in a hotel may be permitted to leave the diagramed licensed premises if it is to be consumed on the hotel premises.