Brewpub License (BP)

Your Brewpub License (BP) is a subordinate to your primary Mixed Beverage Permit (MB) and will be printed on the face of the primary permit.


The holder of a brewpub license is authorized to manufacture, brew, bottle, can, package, and label malt liquor, ale, and beer; and sell or offer without charge, on the premise of the brew pub, malt liquor, ale or beer produced by the holder, in or from lawful containers, to the extent the sales or offers are allowed under the holder's primary license or permit.

  • The total annual production of beer produced under the license may not exceed 10,000 barrels.
  • Malt beverages manufactured may be sold for off premise sales in lawful containers not exceeding ½ barrel.
  • A restaurant may also be operated on the premises of the holder's brewery location.

 The holder of a brewpub license may not sell an alcohol beverage for resale.