Use in Connection with Pending Applications


Only under the following circumstances may the holder of a caterer's permit (CB) utilize that authority to provide service of alcoholic beverages at a location which has been designated as the licensed premises in a pending application for a permit or license allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption.

  • There has been no protest filed by the commission, any local authorities or groups of citizens against the granting of the pending application.
  • The TABC Regional office must have determined that the license or permit application for the proposed location has been completed and that all fees and securities, if applicable, have been paid.
  • The caterer's permit (CB) may be used for no more than ten (10) days, counting the day of the first catered event, unless the administrator or his designated representative, on the basis of a case-by-case review of the specific situation, grants an extension of time.

Regardless of the number of days on which the caterer's permit has been used, the right to use that permit terminates when;

  1. the commission either issues an order denying the previously pending application or
  2. issues the license or permit for which application has been made.






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