Food and Beverage Certificate (FB) continued

You must furnish the following, as well as any other information that might be deemed reasonably necessary by the commission to demonstrate qualifications for a Food and Beverage Certificate:

  • Sales data or, if not available, projection of sales which should include breakdown of food, alcoholic beverages and other major categories at the location.
  • Copies of floor plans of the licensed premise indicating areas devoted to preparation and service of food and those devoted primarily to the preparation and service of alcoholic beverages.

Failure to submit the documentation requested or to accurately maintain required records is prima facie evidence of non-compliance to hold a Food and Beverage Certificate. (See Rule 33.5)

  • All provisions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code enacted prior to January 1,1996, apply to the holder of a Food and Beverage Certificate and those enacted after that date, only if the Food and Beverage Certificate is specifically mentioned in the statute.