The Selling of Beer


A Beer Retailer's On Premise License (BE) is authorized to sell beer to consumers for consumption on or off the premises. The licensee may not sell beer for resale.

The holder of a brew pub (BP) license may deliver beer manufactured by the holder to a location other than the holder's premise for the purpose of submitting the product for an evaluation at an organized tasting, competition, or review. At the tasting, competition, or review, a holder of a brew pub license may:

  • dispense without charge his product manufactured by the holder to a person attending the event for consumption on the premise of the event; and
  • discuss with the person attending the event, the manufacturing and characteristics of the beer.

Neither you nor any of your employees may possess or consume any alcoholic beverages you are not authorized to sell. You may choose to allow your customers to bring in their own alcoholic beverages; however, you may not possess, store, serve, or deliver those alcoholic beverages for or to the customers.