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Violations under Code section 102.32 (d) and 16 TAC 45.121 (f) and (g) regarding sales to and purchases by a retailer who appears on the delinquent list will not be enforced so long as the retailer is protected under the United States Bankruptcy Code. This policy does not require a seller to sell to any particular retailer, but allows that a seller may sell to retailers on the delinquent list who are protected. The terms of sale must otherwise comply with the Code and all applicable rules of the Commission. All reporting requirements of Code section 102 and 16 TAC 45.121 are still in effect. Retailers must inform the TABC Legal Division immediately upon filing for bankruptcy and immediately upon release from bankruptcy protection. All communications with the Legal Division should clearly indicate the party's permit or license number(s). Please contact the TABC Legal Division at (512) 206-3490.

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DISCLAIMER: If you are a current retailer and wish to determine who placed you on the delinquent list, use this inquiry. If you are a wholesaler and want to determine if a retailer has been released from the delinquent list, you must use the following link:

TABC Credit Law Delinquent List

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